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The Art of Longevity Stick:
Strong "Healthy" Body, Calm "Beautiful" Spirit


To prevent disease and protect our health
"To dig a well before we get thirsty"


To keep the body balanced
To raise your spirit
To increase physical strength and mental power
            By stretching the muscles and tendons, and
By supplying a greater amount of oxygen to the body though deep breathing:
            Inhale deeply (with the tip of the tongue touching the upper palate)
            Hold the breath one to two seconds
            Breathe out slowly, lowering the tongue, compressing the lips and blowing
           out through the mouth (like blowing through a straw) and through normal breathing
           with active set of exercises.


Longevity Stick – a one inch dowel one to two inches longer than your height with rubber end caps.
Tennis or athletic shoes recommended
Loose clothing. Wear layers so you feel comfortable; you can remove as you warm up.
Drink half a glass of water before exercising.
When your feel thirst, stop and sip some water.
Don’t let yourself get dehydrated.
Drink pleny of water after exercising.


Daily practice of all (or at least three movements) is recommended

  "We are all Brothers and Sisters."  "God Bless You"  
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