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Twelve Movements of the Longevity Stick

"Twelve movements of the Longevity Stick,
Let us train the vital force and the body,
With harmonious rhythm our souls are merry,
With opened points and channels are spirits are lively.”
Mai Bac Dau

  • Use a stick at the length of the height of the trainee.
  • Keep the mind clear during exercise
  • It must be coordinated wiht 3 steps of breathing:
      -Breathing in through the nose with tounge curved under the roof of the mouth
      -Hold the breath for a moment (one second)
      -Breathing out through the, with pursed lips
Group I: - Breathing in & out
Rotating the Shoulders Rotating the Spine Inclining the Trunk

Group II: - Breathing in & out naturally
Kicking the Stick Taking the Firm Stance Sitting on the Heels

Group III: - Breathing in & out deeply and slowly
Rowing Bending the Back Twisting the Body

Group IV: Breathing in & out deeply and slowly
Rest Postion Curving the Spine "CAN-KHON" Circle

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